In his press release, Dice speaks about his inspiration behind the single.

Download Audio: Dice Ailes- Telephone

“So this one time I was at a wedding when I saw this really hot girl. My heart started beating rapidly. I knew I just had to talk to her and get her telephone number. I walked towards her trembling the entire step of the way. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally found my voice. “Hey, my name is Dice”. Hot Babe looks me over failing at hiding her disinterest and replies: “Hi”. I was taken aback; she couldn’t even be bothered. I thought to say to her “Baby, you mean you don’t know me? It’s me Dice Ailes the superstar. “But I thought the better of it. So I hit her up with my best flow. I reached a deep part of me I didn’t know even existed. Bars upon bars for days. In no time she started blushing.

After some minutes, I gave her my phone so we could exchange numbers. She punched the numbers in and returned it to me. One dial and ‘Uncle Segun’ popped up. I looked up at her in confusion and my eyes met a mischievous grin.

She was my cousin. She knew all the while and allowed me use up my dopest bars. The floor could have opened up to save me, but it chose not to…

Listen to my new single, Telephone and share your experiences with me.”