We’re wrapping up the year 2014, and now will be a good time to look back and see some of the best African-Canadian videos released this year, so let’s get into it. These videos are listed in no particular order

1)  T-Obay – Commander ft. Iyanya

This video is high quality work, the song itself is amazing, lots of beautiful people, amazing dancers as well, both artists have such strong presence. T-Obay killed this one

2) Dice Ailes – Fantasy

Isn’t it aways cute when two youngsters are in love? This video is all kinds of cute and the song! amazing. Newest chocolate city rapper killed this one

3) Missy Bk – My Baby (Remix) ft. Annie Anzouer

If there’s anyone who could make a video for both the original single and the remix and still pull it off, it is this Cameroonian beauty. Amazing job from the beautiful and talented vocalist Missy Bk

4) Akin – Nigerian Girl

Very refreshing video, lots of emphasis on culture and heritage, this video will make you have this song on your playlist asap

5) B4 – African Ft. Crash & Dr Moe

The Gh artist had a solid year, releasing better songs this year as he shows continuous growth. Check on his latest song “Only One”, one of my personal favs

6) SPICE VISION – My Sweetie Ft Ozee -B  

Loving the background of this video and the “old-school” like theme, it’s very refreshing. The video is simple yet beautiful, amazing job done by Spice and Ozee

7) Ice Kid – Come Closer

The Montreal based artist is known for his vocals and getting the job done. Ice keeps growing stronger, and this year, his vocals are better than ever. Enjoy the melo tune

8) Ozee B & Success K – Try Me

Newly released video but with alot of potential. Many happy people, the video is most likely going to make you wear a smile. Talented artists, beautiful females. We are definitely dancing to this jam in 2015

9) Itepu 1 of Abiriba – Hypnotize ft. Bridget Kelly

Itepu 1 of Abiriba is one of the most anticipated artists in the African-Canadian music scene. We can hardly wait to see what he’ll do next. This video was yet another surprise, a club banger featuring a talented lady. Take a peek

10) AO ft. Kim Kelly – Apologize

Watching the video is almost like watching a movie, it will keep you wanting to see the end. Hope you enjoyed the story as much as we did?