French/Sudanese act, Yvonne Darcq features Chocolate City diva, Victoria Kimani, in her new single and video titled “Ooh Lala Oui Oui“.

Yvonne Darcq Victoria Kimani Ooh Lala Oui Oui Art

“Ooh lala oui oui is a song based on one of the many realities in today’s world of many men always trying to get away with being a player and fooling two or more girls, well not in this song. In this song Yvonne Darcq and Victoria Kimani are two ladies in a relationship with a man, they clearly din’t know this, and are almost blinded by this one man. But in the end he proves to be just the same as many other men. Yvonne & Victoria gather themselves together and give him a surprise. Ooh lala oui oui is a song written and sang in French and English.

I would like to thank the following people for making this happen:

GOSIP lounge/ opening soon,
Producer: Alex/ BIG SOUL,
Video Production team: Studio Space Pictures,
Recording Studio: Head Bangaz Int.
Make-Up artist: Azande- Beatmua
Artist: Victoria Kimani for this FAB colabo.”